What Is Neat?


This is unplanned activity throughout the day where we expend extra calories without even thinking about what we’re doing.

When we move about – making food in the kitchen or taking the dog for a walk – we’re expending energy. Hence, this post will focus on the importance of steps in fat loss.

When we’re dieting, we lose weight. This means we expend less energy as we have less body mass.

In response to long dieting, our bodies automatically lower our metabolism and our activity levels. We wanting to move less and do less work, always feeling tired and fatigued. It is normal for the body to plateau because, ultimately, your body doesn’t care about you wanting six-pack abs or rounded glutes. All it cares about is making sure you don’t die from low food consumption.

As fat loss slows down, we purposefully implement STEPS and have a set, daily target goal to reach using a Fitbit, Apple watch, or pedometer.

You may start at 8,000 steps and end up with 16,000 later, depending on how well you do in your fat loss program.

It’s important to periodise your steps on the fat loss journey if you’re looking for consistent results by leaving no stone unturned.

Are you tracking your steps?