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How Do You Define Your Weight Loss Progress?

I often hear people say, “I haven’t lost any weight this week and I’m angry and frustrated.”

Well, that’s understandable. It makes complete sense why you’re frustrated.

The one downfall I see is that it took us 10-20 years to gain the weight. We built up all those “bad” habits that keep us stuck, yet we expect to lose all the excess weight overnight and somehow gain “good” habits through the old mindset.

Long story short – be patient and kind to yourself. The scales aren’t the only thing to rely on. Instead, try looking at the following metrics to gauge your progress:

Has your quantity or quality of sleep improved?

Have your loved ones or friends given you compliments?

Has your digestion improved?

Have your stress and anxiety lowered?

Are you walking tall, with your head up and shoulders back, showing more confidence?

Do you experience less emotional eating? THIS A BIG ONE!

Any progress in lifestyle change that makes us happier is good progress to me.

The list goes on, so don’t pigeonhole yourself. You’ve got this.