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Dom's Story

Fat loss was my main and, at the outset, only goal. However, this changed as I recognized the effect of the exercise and eating plan had effects beyond my expectations.

I was already an active and sporty person but was also needlessly overweight. I had poor eating habits and abused myself by consuming sugar on a massive scale. I also had a negative relationship with exercise in that it was sporadic and abusive. Over the course of a couple of decades, I’d had most of the common sporting injuries.

I am much calmer and more in control of aspects fundamental to my existence. My eating is reformed; now it serves me rather than vice versa. I am better able to cope with my work-life as well. My active leisure time has had the most beneficial effect as I am more capable in my sporting pursuits and no part of my body hurts anymore.

My obstacle was, on occasions, allowing myself to slip back into old eating habits i.e. not following the eating plan that had been devised for me. Doing this inevitably affects your results. However, I recognise that was part of my learning journey and something I needed to experience first-hand.

My energy levels are naturally high and consistent now. Before the course with Art, they were all over the place, and totally dependent on what I’d eaten. I know I now have the tools to succeed in fat loss and will continue to lose fat independently. One hugely positive side effect has been that, with all the resistance training, my tendon-related injuries have all improved significantly. I now feel fitter, stronger, and younger.

Art was recommended to me by a friend, and I can see why. I would, without doubt, do the same, and if I return to training, I will be working with Art. He is dedicated, knowledgeable and understanding. Above all, and in a nutshell, he really cares.