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Dino Carnevale's Story

The main reason for starting training was that I wanted to improve my body shape looking better and feeling healthier. Before starting training, I was seeing myself inn a bad shape with a very poor muscle condition and a too high body fat.

After working with Art, I can see myself in a shape that I have never seen, and I thought I would have never been capable to reach. I can see myself lean and with a compact body. I feel great and very satisfied.

Additionally, I had a huge growth in my motivation as I realised that I could reach my body goals with commitment and knowing how to approach fitness and exercise. Also, seeing the results on a week basis was the best way to find additional motivation.

My sleep and energy were not great before starting the training with Art. Also, I occasionally had some colitis before. Now, I can sleep definitely better with a deeper sleeping phase. I never had colitis anymore.

I would of course recommend Art as he can change your approach to life making you look better but mainly improving your general health and mood. Unbelievably, this can happen in just 12 weeks…thank you Art!