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Alex T.'s Story

I decided to start training for a combination of health and confidence reasons I had already increased the levels of exercise I was doing on my own but wasn’t seeing the results that I had hoped for.

Prior to starting work with Art, I considered to be slightly unfit and overweight. I have always been quite sporty but found that I was no longer able to just turn up and play sports confidently. I was also concerned that I was approaching an age where this may cause health problems.

Since working with Art, my physical ability and energy has increased significantly. This has really improved my confidence in all areas and particularly when playing sports. I am far happier with how I look, and my health has improved considerably which proved by the results of a recent health test.

The results I have achieved with Art are far greater and faster than I expected at the outset. I am very happy with what I have achieved so far and am really motivated to continue working with Art for the long term. My energy levels are far greater than before I started working with Art and I find that I recover more quickly from strenuous exercise. Generally I feel much fitter, healthier and more confident overall.

I would recommend Art to anyone. He takes the time to understand exactly what you want to achieve and explains how to achieve it this whilst fitting in with your current lifestyle. Art’s knowledge of different exercises and the muscles they target is invaluable and has greatly increased my confidence to go to the gym on my own and use equipment I would never have considered using before.

Art also really focuses on nutrition, and he knows a huge amount in this area. He has come up with a nutrition plan for me that I am never hungry, am eating loads of food I enjoy but it is also healthy; the best part is I could happily eat like this forever. I really believe that Art can help anyone achieve their fitness goals and that they will enjoy doing it!!