9 Best Exercises For Fat Loss

Any exercise will burn some calories based on the activity’s intensity and duration – we should start losing some fat if we enter a calorie deficit. When it comes down to exercise selection, the program will be based on how much you are able to exercise per week, what equipment you can access, and if you have any injuries that may prevent you performing any specific exercises. If you’re like me and most of my clients, who wear different hats every day to run a business or work long corporate jobs, it’s tought balancing family life with other important components of life.

When it comes to exercise, we may only have between twenty minutes and an hour available that day due to our schedule, so we have to train smart. I’d rather do some exercise than none.

You may ask, what can you achieve in 20-30 minutes? Well, what I tell you will let you achieve more than most gym-goers achieve in 90 minutes or more!

My favourite nine exercises when I’m pushed for time are:

  1. Pull-ups – neutral or supinated grip
  2. Heel elevated barbell squats or front squats
  3. 30-degree incline dumbbell chest press
  4. 45-degree bench supported dumbbell back rows
  5. Dumbbell walking lunges
  6. Dumbbell or barbell deadlifts
  7. Dumbbell or barbell standing shoulder press
  8. Dips
  9. RDL

So why these 9 exercises? Well first, they’re called compound exercise because they are multi joint movements involving multiple muscles. Hence, more energy will need to be expended to perform the activity and, thus, more fat will be burned during the session (if you’re in a calorie deficit). Imagine performing an isolation exercise (single joint) triceps cable press down, as you’re only working a triceps with what’s most likely too little intensity. Now compare this to if you’ve done a multi joint exercise, such as dumbbell chest presses or dips! We’re still working triceps – with a lot more intensity now – but also including large muscles such as the chest and some biceps and stabilizers!

Get the right program set up by picking a few of these exercises with selected sets, reps, tempo, and rest. When pushed for time, you can start shredding fat fast!