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6 Ways To Raise Your Motivation To Exercise

What is motivation? It’s a process that initiates, directs, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviours. Motivation also involves cognitive, biological, emotional, and social forces that activate behaviour.

We all get days where we don’t really feel like training. If someone says they don’t get those days, they’re lying because they don’t want to look vulnerable.

It’s normal to have days where we don’t feel like training, even for me. I love my training but I have those days when I drive to the gym and sit in my car for 20 minutes, trying to get out of the car and go train. Sometimes it’s due to me expending too much energy on my work, with my clients, and with my family, as I have high standards and expectations. Whatever the reason, I use these top six ways to propel myself to get my training done.

  1. Return your awareness to your main long-term goal – how you want to look and feel in the next 20-30 years.
  2. Let a supportive family member know how important this is for you – this can make you or break you.
  3. Start listening to your favourite playlist or a song – it can put you in a euphoric state by raising “happy” hormones.
  4. Have an accountable training partner – make sure it’s someone who’s driven and has long-term vision.
  5. If you’ve got an intense program for that day and you’re dreading it – swap for something else you may enjoy.
  6. Have a deadline for your goal or book a beach holiday or photoshoot – you’re less likely to show up on the day in “poor condition”.

I could keep going with this list but feel that these tips will help for most daily life challenges. I personally believe that motivation is short-lived and can become very unstable if we depend of things outside of us to power it, as these can sometimes let us down. My go-to anchor is at the top of my list – what’s your long-term goal? Where do you see yourself in the next 10, 20, or 30 years? I know for myself, I’ll be weight training till my last breath.

Find what drives you or play tricks on your mind to gain a better chance of success in your short-term goals. Hopefully that will develop into a powerful force that will carry you and leave you driven for your lifetime.