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10 Things To Look For When Hiring A Personal Trainer

So people often ask me for a recommendation for an in-person personal trainer in their area. Sure I can, but I answer with a question to get more clarity for the recommendation.

What do you want to achieve by working with a trainer?

And they give me a list of things that are generic without allowing themselves to imagine what’s possible. I’ve seen this many times over with my clients: the results they achieve are things they never thought were possible for them.

But also, please be completely honest with yourself and express what you want. It doesn’t make you a “bad” person if you’re looking for a friend to talk to about football or sit down and chit chat – I can recommend that type of trainer too!

But if you’re result-driven and focused on transforming your body and mindset, here’s 10 traits to look for in your ideal trainer:

  1. Has a portfolio of past clients’ visual results – a track record.
  2. Looks the part, walks the walk, and trains with intention.
  3. Will hold you accountable and won’t let you off the hook.
  4. Tracks your results daily or weekly by physically measuring you, etc.
  5. Will be honest and tell you things you may not like to hear.
  6. Will always have your program at the gym ready, with no winging it.
  7. Is dressed smartly – what’s on the outside is also on the inside.
  8. Not constantly late for your training session.
  9. Doesn’t always talk about their own life or sit on the floor while you train.
  10. Will be focused with intention on your every rep, not just a rep counter.

If there isn’t a results-focused, competent personal trainer in your area, I highly recommend working with an online trainer who meets the above criteria.

I hope this helps to do your research. If you need further support with this, email me directly at