Client Testimonials

"I’ve never been this strong and fit before. I’ve achieved more than I expected with losing weight, becoming leaner and looking better, more productive in the day"
Krupa P.
"Looking in the mirror now I am blown away. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could achieve my new physique in such relatively short time"
Paul P.
"After working with Art, I can see myself in a shape that I have never seen, and I thought I would have never been capable to reach. I never had colitis anymore"
Dino C.
"Now, 16 weeks later I feel absolutely amazing. I am back in all my old clothes and feeling more confident than ever. I would highly recommend Art to anybody"
Christie C.
"I feel much fitter, healthier and more confident overall. My health has improved considerably which proved by the results of a recent health test"
Alex T.
"I now feel fitter, stronger, and younger. My tendon-related injuries have all improved significantly. I am better able to cope with my work-life as well"

Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching That Works

Individualised assessment

To create a personalised plan for you, I start with a comprehensive lifestyle audit where I analyse multiple data points like your sleep, stress, health status, exercise history, dietary preferences, and more.

This helps me to understand your unique needs, challenges, motivations, and goals.

I then conduct an individualised assessment where I delve into your personal goals and thoroughly examine your dietary, metabolic, fitness, and injury histories.

By doing this, I gain a complete understanding of where you've been and where you currently stand.

After analysing your information, I can then create a training and nutrition plan that is tailored specifically to your needs.

I explain the science behind the plan and demonstrate how to practically apply it to your lifestyle.

I take the time to listen to your concerns and understand where you're at, so I can provide the most effective path forward to help you achieve your goals.

Personalised nutrition plans

I offer personalised programs that are progressive and effective for your lifestyle, work, and family, enabling you to eat the foods you love without restrictions or starvation.

I understand that finding a diet you enjoy that works for your body is the biggest hurdle most people face to lasting success.

That's why I offer several different nutrition methods to find the right combination of food and supplements.

My coaching is outcome-based and tailored to your needs, with a flexible dieting approach backed by science.

We work together to make sure your nutrition plan fits you and your lifestyle, rather than trying to fit your lifestyle into a meal plan.

Optimise Your Training

My customised training programs are designed to match what's best for you and your goals.

Access them from anywhere in the world on my app, where all exercises have demos to ensure proper form.

I create the perfect exercises for you based on your posture, limb length, and mechanics.

By following a periodised training cycle, you'll see progress and avoid plateaus.

I’ll assess everything from your training history to your unique biomechanics to create the ideal training program and exercise selection for your success.

Empowered By Your Coach

I understand that you want the freedom to work out at any time and in any place that suits you, whether it's at home or at the gym.

With our full-time access to your coach, you can enjoy unlimited support and accountability 24-7.

No matter what life throws your way, from big events to injuries or travel, I’ve got you covered.

I’ll make any necessary adjustments so that you never feel alone or helpless on your fitness journey.

I know that exceptional transformations require more than just a solid training and nutrition plan.

That's why your online coach I will be there every step of the way to keep you honest, accountable, and help you reach your full potential.

You'll benefit from my expertise, support, and wise counsel, which will enable you to achieve incredible results.

Expert Accountability Coaching

As your coach, I'll give you expert guidance, specific feedback, and remove any guesswork to help you achieve your goals.

True support and accountability are essential to the success of my strategies.

I've created accountability methods and support systems to make consistency the foundation of your success.

This includes weekly check-ins and progress photos, as well as my app that features videos, workouts, and the ability to track every metric of health, performance, and progress imaginable.

We'll discuss your progress every week and make any necessary adjustments to keep you on track.

Flexibility is key

With the demands of modern life, fitness can be a struggle for many people.

Juggling work, family, and other responsibilities can leave little time for healthy habits.

To overcome this obstacle, it's important to have a flexible plan that can fit into your lifestyle.

This is particularly true for those who frequently travel, as sticking to a routine can be challenging on the road.

To help our clients maintain their fitness goals while on the go, we offer travel-friendly solutions that are tailored to their needs.

These include adjustable training programs and customised nutritional strategies that take into account their location and schedule.

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Train with Art

Welcome to AP Method!

I’m Art, a certified Personal Trainer and Body Transformation Specialist with over 20 years of experience. Through online coaching and evidence-based strategies, I’m dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Embark on a 12-week Body Transformation Program with me, featuring bespoke training plans, nutrition coaching, and ongoing support. This comprehensive program is designed to bring about significant changes in your body composition, increase your energy, and improve your overall health and confidence.

Beyond physical changes, you’ll also gain valuable skills and habits for maintaining your fitness throughout life. To learn more about the AP Method, schedule a free consultation today.

Art Padleckis

Founder of AP Method

Online Coaching FAQ's

AP Method’s Online Coaching is a remote service available no matter where you are in the world. You will receive personalised training and nutrition programs to follow, whether you train at the gym or at home.

You’ll receive full support from me personally. I’ll provide accountability and I’ll be just one click of a button away.

Online Coaching can be highly effective with the right coach. If you’re reading this, you may have attempted to train by yourself with minimal or no success.

We offer you our proven methods and expertise from the very first day. To achieve optimal results, it’s essential to be driven and able to follow a plan.

Since we’re not training you in person at the gym, the more communication you have with your online coach, the more successful your fitness journey will be.”

For best results, we advise a minimum of 12 weeks to see and feel the positive changes, and to build new, positive habits that support long-lasting changes. Some of our clients have been training with us for over a year, as fitness has become a lifestyle for them.

With online coaching, you can work with the best in the world, no matter where you are. You receive all the benefits of result-focused programs, the ability to train anytime and anywhere that suits your schedule, and the convenience of not needing a coach present with you at the gym. Despite this, you’re always just a button push away from reaching out to your world-class coach for guidance and knowledge.

No, absolutely not! Your program is designed to suit your lifestyle. Most of my clients who achieve amazing transformations train for only 3-4 hours per week!

Many of my clients frequently travel abroad on business trips. This is why online coaching is ideal – it allows you to train anywhere, anytime to suit your time zone and schedule.

Clients also gain knowledge about what to eat at airports, on planes, and at hotels, so they’re always on track and confident. Additionally, they receive hotel room-based workout options if no gyms are nearby.

Online coaching is the most cost-effective method for hiring a coach. If you live in London and you want to hire a competent, results-focused trainer for an average of 3 sessions per week in the gym, it may cost anywhere between £2520-£3960 for 12 weeks.

Each exercise on the app is accompanied by a demonstration video, highlighting the muscles you need to focus on.

You can record yourself on your smartphone performing the exercises and submit these videos with your weekly check-in for feedback.This ensures that you’re getting maximum results and avoiding any potential injuries.”

We track various metrics to get you in the best shape of your life, ensuring no stone is left unturned. We closely monitor your body measurements, weight, pictures, strength (all your workout weights are monitored), digestion, sleep, and stress, to name a few.”

When you take action and sign up for my online training, you’ll gain access to your personalized, monthly periodized training and nutrition programs, along with weekly check-ins with me personally. This is the smartest way to set yourself up for success and achieve your goals, as I’ll be holding you accountable every step of the way.

Since you’ll be training remotely, you have the flexibility to train from home or at your local gym. My methods work around your family, work, and lifestyle commitments, providing flexibility and a perfect fit for your daily routine. I can also give you gym recommendations in your local area, or suggest home gym equipment based on your individual goals and needs.

The next step is to book your online consultation. Please remember that spaces are limited: I only take on a select number of clients at any one time to ensure optimal, life-changing results!

Your Zoom consultation will typically last between 30 and 45 minutes. This session provides the perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions you have about the process.

After our consultation, I’ll send you an email with a link to sign up for your membership. Once you’ve registered and created your membership account, and agreed to the terms and conditions, your transformation begins.

We start with an in-depth questionnaire, allowing me to understand you, your goals, and your body better. After closely reviewing your responses, I will create and deliver a life-changing, results-focused plan to you within just 3 working days.

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